Gardening: Setting up Irrigation

The seeds are sprouting and growing much more rapidly than I thought it would. With summer here the temperatures are hot, and the need for watering has gone up. I figured it would be a good idea to setup irrigation to reduce water usage, even watering and save some time.

Even water pressure is much harder to achieve. The irrigation systems on Amazon come with 1/4" tubes. The pressure on these fizzle out with just a few atomizers and sprinklers. The better option would be to run a 1/2" tube as the main line and use the 1/4" tubes as feeder lines. Even that doesn't work beyond a point especially when your house uses the same line to feed all faucets and taps.

Next up is dealing with the stupid cat that wants to poop in my raised bed. A net would provide the necessary barrier. I needed a frame to support the net. This nifty hoops from Amazon provided a decent frame, and it was extensible. It also doubled as the supporting frame for the irrigation lines.

Here's what it looks like:

Raised Bed Irrigation  HoopsRaised Bed Irrigation  Hoops

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